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Published: Tuesday 16th October 2012 17:00


Mr. Mohammed Shafiq, Chief Executive of the Ramadhan Foundation comments:


“I firstly offer my best wishes to Gary McKinnon and his family as they celebrate this announcement, extraditing him to the United States was the wrong decision and we are glad that his family have been successful in their case.


The British Home Secretary Theresa May has today demonstrated her double standards and blatant racism.  Taha Ahsan another suspect sent to the United States suffered from the same condition as Gary which is Asperger's syndrome; he was suicidal and had the Government acted at the time a few weeks ago to set up a Forum then they would have been put on trial in the UK. Waiting until announcing Gary's decision today shows the politics and perceived bigotry that exists when it comes to Muslims.


This decision has demonstrated the double standards applied to Muslims by the Government and some parts of wider society.  It is shameful that this Coalition Government has practised racism at its core and refused to treat Talha Ahsan the same as Gary McKinnon.  This action has brought shame on the Government's record on equality which before this was pitiful anyway.


The irony of Theresa May using the Human Rights Act as a defence not to extradite Gary but spend years condemning this legislation has not gone unnoticed by many.


This announcement sends out the message to Muslims, Black and ethnic minority citizens that there are different rules for different people, if you happen to be white and not a Muslim you'll be protected but if you happen to be a Muslim and Black/ Asian God help you.


There are now serious questions for the Government to answer why the new proposal to consider whether suspects could be tried in the UK was not announced before Babar Ahmed and Talha Ahsan were sent to the US.


We didn't expect much from the Conservative Party but the collusion of the Liberal Democrats to this racism and double standards beggars belief. The Lib Dems have prided themselves as the Party of Civil Liberties and equality but today's announcement has them as an agent to these racist double standards.


We pray for the health of Babar Ahmed and Talha Ahsan, that their families have the patience to deal with this trauma and that like-minded people stand up and speak out.




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  1. The Ramadhan Foundation is a leading Muslim organisation in the UK that is working for peaceful co-existence and dialogue for all communities.
  2. The Ramadhan Foundation has written to the Home Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister in regards to the double standards and racism
  3. Based in Greater Manchester and working to also establish the platform for human unity amongst our communities in the UK
  4. Mohammed Shafiq is 33, Chief Executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, a regular contributor on TV, Radio, Online and also newspaper columnist

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