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“You raised the benchmark for all Muslim gatherings in the UK, A landmark never to be forgotten” Yvonne Ridley 


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Advisory Board

The Ramadhan Foundation Advisory Board is made up of international Scholars and intellectuals, headed by the Chairman.  

The Advisory Board advises the Chairman and the Board of the Ramadhan Foundation on matters relating directly to the Foundation and issues facing people in the West.

The Board's remit

The Board has three main functions:

  • To give advice to the Chairman on matters referred by him

  • To give advice to those that seek expert advice and guidance on issues relating to faith, community and cohesion

  • To provide Islamic guidance on various issues raised by individuals that require Islamic rulings

Consultations with other organisations

The Board is always keen to meet organisations that wish to talk about issues that face the western world. These meetings provide a beneficial opportunity to discuss matters of mutual interest.

The Board very much welcomes hearing from the organisations and is pleased to convey their informed opinions to the Ramadhan Foundation

More in depth information on who we have met and what we learned will be available in our Annual Reports which will be launched on this website.

Advisory Board Members

Mr Mohammed Umar
Chairman Ramadhan Foundation

Muhammad Umar became the youngest person ever to be an invited on the BBC Hard Talk to discuss the aftermath of 7th July Terrorist attacks in London.  He has appeared on numerous TV and Radio interviews.  He has delivered numerous lectures throughout the UK, Europe and USA.


Dr Musharraf  Hussain
Director of Karimia Institute

The Imam and Director of Karimia Institute has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Staffordshire for his efforts to secure the release of Kenneth Bigley.


Dr Wilfred Darlington

Wilfred joined the BBC in the sixties and has established himself at the heart of current affairs in the North West.  He is an advocate of increased Ethnic Minority representation in the BBC


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