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Published: 29/09/2008 15:30

The Ramadhan Foundation strongly condemns Jewel of Medina novel as an attempt to belittle, spear one of the greatest woman in Islam Aisha (RA).  We believe that these types of novels or books do nothing to promote understanding between faiths and respecting the symbols and figures of faiths, we are not against freedom of speech but believe that freedom comes with huge responsibility.

We further strongly condemn the violence and terrorism that has been used this weekend against the Gibson Square Publishing House, whilst we passionately oppose their plans to print the novel, trying to use violence is against Islam and we urge all Muslims to remain peaceful and within the law.

Mr. Mohammed Shafiq, Chief Executive of the Foundation comments:

“I am disgusted at the novel and the plans by Gibson House to publish, this serves no purpose and does little to promote understanding between communities – indeed attacking the central figures of Islam under the guise of freedom of speech is patronising and the world sees their attempt to belittle our faith.

I also strongly condemn the thugs that used terrorism against the publishing house; they do not represent Islam or Muslims and violence in any form cannot be justified and we urge the Publishers to withdraw publication.

We urge all Muslims to remain calm and peaceful but be under no illusion our faith is constantly under attack and we will not remain silent – we urge Muslims and those people of faith that are disgusted at this novel to unite and launch a peaceful campaign to protect the honour of all faiths and their figures.

I once again urge the publishers to stop publication and not promote hatred against Muslims”


Notes for editors

1.    The Ramadhan Foundation is the UK's leading Muslim youth organisation that is working for peaceful co-existence and dialogue for all communities. 

2.     Based in Greater Manchester and working to also establish the platform for human unity amongst our communities in the UK.

3.  Mohammed Shafiq is the Chief Executive of the Foundation, aged 29 and active campaigning for a positive image of Islam and Muslims in the UK.

Mr. Mohammed Shafiq

Chief Executive

Ramadhan Foundation

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