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Published: 11/03/2008 14:00


The Ramadhan Foundation welcomes the Home Affairs Select Committee report into forced marriages, these sort of immoral acts are forbidden in Islam and we have led the campaign to highlight this injustice in the UK.


We congratulate the Government’s Forced Marriages Unit for all the work they do to highlight this issue and what support is available for people who are forced into marriage.  We are disappointed that the Committee has not recognised that there has been a dramatic change from over fifteen years ago, yet we will never be complacent.  


Mr. Muhammad Umar, Chairman of the Foundation comments:


“The Ramadhan Foundation once again has been the only organisation willing to talk openly about this immoral act and we will continue to speak out against this evil.


The problems with teenagers disappearing from school must be addressed and students must be aware of the support available for them.  The Ethnic Minority community must speak up and condemn these sham marriages and not allow the silence to blind the whole community.


We must also recognise the sea change in attitudes and practices over the past few decades; we still have a long way to go. 


Schools should offer as much support and advice to students in difficult situations.”



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The Ramadhan Foundation is the UK's leading Muslim youth organisation that is working for peaceful co-existence and dialogue for all communities.  Based in Greater Manchester and working to also establish the platform for human unity amongst our communities in the UK.

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