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Published: 13/01/2008 18:00

The Ramadhan Foundation is strongly opposed to the Prime Minister’s proposal to go ahead and assume organ donation when someone dies without opting out.  This is a dangerous precedent and we would strongly oppose any attempt to push this policy change through.

In a free country people should be free to decide whether they wish to be organ donors, assuming consent is dangerous and not akin to the free values we often talk about in this country.

From an Islamic perspective we are totally against this policy – our faith totally forbids the taking of organs after death.  We therefore oppose this attempt to change a policy that will impact not just on Muslims but on other faiths too.

The Prime Minister talks about a debate and we are ready to contribute to this, we will not however agree that this is a policy change that is needed.  It is clear that from a personal perspective Muslims oppose this idea; however there is clearly a failing in the Government policy to try to encourage this sort of thing.

Mr. Muhammad Umar, Chairman of the Foundation comments:

“The Ramadhan Foundation is strongly opposed to Prime Minister’s intentions to introduce this policy of presumed organ donation, our faith Islam totally forbids the giving of organ donation after death.  We therefore join other religious communities in speaking out against this policy.

In a free country people should be able to choose if they wish to consent, it is not the role of Government to decide to assume consent without the individual’s views and wishes taken into consideration.

British Muslims will campaign against this infringement of our freedom to practice our faith,”


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